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Our goal is to make sure our providers are not losing their money, when claims remain unpaid, you are working for free. You are the expert in the treatment of your patients and we are the experts in getting you paid for your valuable services.

Hiring expert billers will pay for itself. You can spend more of your time doing what you do the best and leave the rest to us. We keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies in medical billing leaving you free to focus on patient care. Keep the office cash flowing by hiring the experts.

Years ago billing was a much easier process, but with the ICD 10 conversion we continue to see higher denials and rejections by the insurance carriers, which require extensive follow up. Here are some of the key reasons to use a billing service:

  • Regulations change constantly so that means you need dedicated personnel assigned to receive the new process and interact with the individual payers, while constantly being trained on the new regulations.
  • Coding personnel have the responsibility for ensuring documentation and coding is compliant with all regulations and should be certified.
  • The Implementation and compliance plan can be expensive for an individual practice, but with a professional billing service the cost is reduced as it is shared.
  • Lack of follow up relating to unpaid claims is the biggest problem we have encountered with physician practices. Follow up is time consuming and burdensome, but must be completely quickly due to the “timely filing” requirements.
  • It seems that attracting and retaining competent billing personnel has become a difficult for the physician practices. According to the Society of Human Resource Management the cost to recruit hire and train a new employee is $3,500. This additional cost can be avoided by utilizing a profession billing service like FPIMED.
  • Professional billing companies offer a less costly alternative to a practice trying to run its own internal operation

In closing, we see that physicians are working harder than ever and making less due to regulations and declining reimbursements. Why should you have the additional burden of running a costly internal billing operation when you can hire FPIMED – The Medical Billing Experts!

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